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laundrymom 11:14 AM 12-16-2010
my vegetarian no sugar, all natural kids are headed to disney tonight and wont be back until week after christmas, so,... we are baking, baking, baking!!!!! eating all kinds of "junk food", lol. (cookies, pie, cakes, making candy, having mac and cheese, chicken bites, KETCHUP!!! ranch dressing!! popcicles!! muffins, all the things that their parents dont let them have. Even though they bring all food, I try to not have things I know they will be salivating over to feed the rest of the kids,.....and tomorrow starts my own kids school break, so they will be here to help, AND,.. its just them, I have NO SA kids anymore during the day that I didnt name! . =-) YIPPEEE!!!!!
Blackcat31 11:16 AM 12-16-2010
How awesome!! That would be tough to accommodate the special diet along with not allowing the others to have treats and sugary stuff too....Preheat the oven and get cooking/baking!!
Luna 11:18 AM 12-16-2010
I guess we don't know how much we miss these things until we feel like we can't have them...Enjoy!!!
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