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Daycare and Taxes>Time Space Percentage And Online Courses
jeanne 09:49 AM 02-11-2011
Can I include the time I take to take early childhood education classes online in my time space percentage? I usually spend 12 to 15 hours per week per coures. They are all child care related.
DCMomOf3 10:13 AM 02-11-2011
I am pretty sure you can add that to your hours of business as long as you aren't already claiming that time. So if you are open 7am to 6pm and you take the classes at 7 pm to 9 pm you can use it, but not if it's during your business hours, like nap time.

Does that make sense?

And welcome to!!!
jeanne 05:13 AM 02-12-2011
Thank you DC. I am cognizant of ther fact that it cannot be overlapping hours such as nap time. I spend many evening and weekend hours on these courses. It will really change my time space percentage. Thanks again. I am glad to have found this fourm.
TomCopeland 02:39 PM 02-12-2011
Actually, this is a tricky question.

If you already have a post-secondary degree (in anything) then you can deduct classes you take that are relevant for your business and you can count the time spent doing this work online as part of your time-space percentage calculation.

If you do not have a post-secondary degree and are taking classes to get your first post-secondary degree then the cost of the classes is not deductible and the time spent doing the work at home cannot be included in your time-space % calculation.

If you don't have a post-secondary degree and you are taking classes but you are not trying to get a degree then you can deduct the cost of the classes and count the time.

The reason for this IRS rule is that if you get a post-secondary degree it qualifies you for other jobs besides doing child care.

Strange, but true.

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MissAnn 03:31 PM 02-12-2011
I feel very dumb to ask this ....but what exactly is a post secondary degree?

I will graduate with a degree in Early Childhood Education (Associate's) this May. Should I have deducted time I spent on studying?
TomCopeland 03:46 PM 02-12-2011
A post-secondary degree is a degree from any college, university, community college, etc.. Essentially, it's a degree obtained after graduating from high school.

If you already had a post-secondary degree and then got your Early Childhood Associates degree, you could deduct the cost of the degree and the time spent at home doing homework.

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Abigail 10:48 PM 02-12-2011
I went to college and earned an Administrative Assistant degree two years ago. Does that mean I can count any online child care training courses I take in my hours and deduct the cost because now I'm working on a CDA?
TomCopeland 08:19 AM 02-13-2011
Because you have an Administrative Assistant degree you can deduct all classes related to family child care and the time spent in your home working on these classes.

Even if you didn't have this post-secondary degree you could still deduct classes to get a CDA because this program is not a post-secondary degree program.
proudarmywifewith4 03:52 AM 02-14-2011
What if I'm required to get a CDA by my licensing agency? I have to obtain it within 3 years. Does that matter at all?
TomCopeland 08:27 AM 02-14-2011
You can deduct the cost of a CDA, regardless of whether or not it is required by licensing.
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