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tenderhearts 09:20 AM 03-01-2010
I was wondering how others work in their circle time and activities when you have younger children that can't participate, a couple months ago I took on a 13 mo old and it's hard to get the other kids to cooperate and not watch her when we're doing activities, I try to get her to sit with us but of course she doesnt' want to and then when we go to the table for activities and crafts I try and have her sit and do something but it doesn't last long and then she wants out and the other kids dont' want to sit then the little one gets whiny so I was just wondering how others do this. Do you wait until they are down for nap?
mac60 09:43 AM 03-01-2010
I have always had a mixed age group. I do our preschool activities during morning nap. Works out well.
momma2girls 02:19 PM 03-01-2010
I do the same thing here!
originalkat 04:14 PM 03-01-2010
I only take 2-5 year olds.(Most are 3-4). My young 2 year old does not always want to participate and misbehaves so now we have our circle time standing up! The kids were always pulling at the calendar and ripping things so I rose it up to my height and the kids stand, move, dance, clap and sing during circle instead of sit still. It works wonderfully. Then the younger thinks its fun to do it too when he doesnt have to sit the whole time. When we have storytime we all sit together on the rug. If I had littles (crawling to under 2) I would set up a playpen area with quiet toys to keep them from acting out when the others were having circle. (That is if they didnt have morning nap which would be the ideal time).
DBug 02:17 PM 03-02-2010
I generally have 2 or 3 under the age of 2, 2 or 3 under 3, and any others are 4 (6 kids in total). Once a week I have an 8 month old as well. My circle time doesn't last very long (15 minutes absolute max.), but I think it's a good learning experience for the younger ones, just in teaching them to sit in one place (they each have a mat to sit on). I usually put the baby in my lap, and the next two youngest ones on either side of me. I sit cross-legged, and tuck one foot of each of my young ones under either knee (my knees, if that makes sense). Their feet aren't trapped or squished, but it reminds them to sit close to me and to sit still. If they get distracted, I just redirect them to what we're doing. It works out quite well, and the kids enjoy it. For craft time, the youngest ones go in high chairs. I help them first, so they finish in 5 or 10 minutes. They then go play while the older ones continue with their craft.

It is harder to work with younger ones on focused activities, but I think they're capable of doing it most of the time. And the parents love it
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