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kitkat 11:07 AM 09-26-2012
DD turned 4 the middle of this month. This week I discovered that she can sound out and read words. This brings up the subject of reading vs memorizing books. I have a dcg (4.5) saying she can "read" a certain book. I feel like it takes something away from the child who actually CAN read, but maybe I'm overthinking it. I had this same issue with DS when he was 4 and learning to read. I think I explained it by saying he was reading the words and letters and the other kid was reading the pictures, but I can't remember.

Do you differentiate reading and memorizing when a child says they can read a book? If so, what do you say? I just want to be able to find a way to respect each child's ability.
Tags:learning technique, learning to read, memorizing, reading