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Unregistered 06:36 PM 10-15-2012
I have had an in-home daycare for the last 4 1/2 years. I have 2 kids who have been with me since they were 6 week old infants (they are 2 1/2 and 1 1/2), and 1 who just started (who is about 7 weeks old). I love these girls dearly, but my husband's 94 year old grandfather is in need of a caregiver who can be trusted because the person who has had the job is in poor health herself. Because he is older and has a home full of valuable antiques, it is of concern to our family that he have someone coming in who can be trusted and my husband and father-in-law have asked me to take on this job.

I am very worried about giving notice to the families I care for; one family has relatives that live directly across from us and our kids play together. This is not personal and I am mostly doing this so that we can be sure that my husband's grandfather is taken care of. It also will give me more time with my own children, while still making the same amount of money.

I am also a college student working on finishing a degree in Special Ed, so at some point, I will have to give up the daycare job to attend classes on campus. This schedule will give me more time to study and get work done in my own home.

I guess I really just need to vent because I am so worried about giving notice. Also, how much notice should I give them? I am thinking two weeks, but I want other opinions...

Thanks for listening! I really needed to get this off my chest!
Michael 06:55 PM 10-15-2012
Here are some threads on giving notice:

Consider becoming a member.
Breezy 07:04 PM 10-15-2012
Welcome to the Forum! As Michael said, you should definitely consider becoming a member we would love to have you join us!!

As far as notice goes, I would say follow what is outlined in your contract as far as notices go whether that is 2 weeks or however you have it. Of course, you can give more notice but I would be prepared for families to pull out as they find alternate care so if you are financially able to provide more notice than go that route if you wish.
littlemissmuffet 07:08 AM 10-16-2012
I agree that two weeks notice is plenty, especially if that's the notice you require parents to give.

My motto in life is and always has been "family first"... and I mean MY family, not daycare families. I know it's hard to let families go, but they are just going to have to understand (and I'm willing to bet they will) that your family needs you right now. Please, don't feel guilty about your decison!

Good luck with everything!
crazydaycarelady 08:13 AM 10-16-2012
You need to make this decision based om what is best for YOU and your family. If a better situation came along your dcfamilies would jump on it!
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