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deliberateliterate 11:57 AM 05-07-2014
I have a sweethearted little boy that turned 2 at the beginning of the year. He says nearly nothing, and what he does say is mostly just consistent sounds that I can recognize. Yes and no are uh uh and uh huh, mommy is nunu, more is moooo. He can make some animal sounds, maybe 5. I try to encourage it as much as I can by trying to have him say up, when he wants up (it comes out as uuuuuuuuu), etc. DCM hasn't mentioned one word about it, but she can recognize a lot more of his sounds (he reminds me of Curious George). She has an older child, so this isn't a case of her just not knowing what to expect.

I don't want to insult her or her son by saying anything if it isn't my place, but this poor kid is getting more frustrated not being able to communicate what he wants. Plus, for all I know, she has taken steps to get him evaluated and just hasn't mentioned it.

He's been with me since he turned one, and I feel partially responsible for him not catching up yet, but mostly, I just want to hear his cute little voice more.

Is this something you mention to parents, or do you let them figure it out in their own time?

Ps...I apologize that this is all over the map. He woke up half way through me typing.