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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>8 month old, 3oz of Breastmilk
proudmommyofthree 08:13 AM 03-13-2019
Hi, this is the same family I had issues with the hand foot and mouth incident a couple of weeks ago. Anyway, on Monday , I told mom that the baby ate homemade sweet potatoe, carrots, and zucchini (I make the baby food here) and she drank 4oz of milk. Mom flupped out and told me to not give the baby more than 3oz . At home she only drinks 2.4-2oz of milk max. When being fed by others. Iím sorry I think 4 oz is too little. I told Her she actually should drink 6-8 oz or what she wants. But I will not give the baby less. She insisted the baby is content with the 2.5-3oz. How do you guys feed your babies? On demand? I feed all my babies on demand when they want and as much as they want, granted I donít over feed them. This is not the first parent that has told me to feed their babies less. I had a former client only wanting me to feed their baby 4oz every three hours, no more than 4oz and no less than 3 hours. What is with parents now adays 🤦*♀️I guess this was really a vent and not a question lol .
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