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SimpleMom 07:06 AM 10-28-2009
First off I have to say I have been very fortunate that although payments can be late, my families do pay within one day or week of the due date.

I just need to vent a little...

However, it's really hard on my finances when payments are made late and I'm just frustrated by that today. I did enforce my late payment fee today
(I give a three time grace period) which was uncomfortable. I hate doing that.

Between forgetting shoes or mittens/hats and late payments AND my mistake in waiving a weekly fee if a child is ill with H1N1 or flu-like symptoms for a week (I had three families take me up on that in two weeks!).

I'm glad they kept their children home when they were sick and that was my goal with the waived fee. I just didn't/don't have any money to save up as we are on a tight budget and that really made it tough to pay bills the last two weeks, but we did make it. Oh well, live and learn I guess

Anyway, thanks for listening!!
sarahtheresa02 07:33 AM 10-28-2009
IMO... I think you are being WAY to lenient with your parents.

You to reinforce the fact that you are indeed running a business. It's nice of you to "cut them a break" but you first need to make sure that your financial needs are met.

For example... I had a child out all last week with a fever. His mom is aware that I still expected full payment and was ready to write out her check on Monday. I told her that I was going to give her 1/2 a week credit for the sick days. She kept asking if I was sure. I told her that I understand the hard times and I will make exceptions when I can. I like to give parents a little help now and then but they dont and shouldn't EXPECT it.

My parents all know my rules and policies. Late payments are charged a late fee... $5 for every day late after the date due. Sick days are still charged regular rate and holidays are paid at 1/2 rate.

Stand up for yourself. They will only take as much rope as you give them.
ConcernedMother 09:08 AM 10-28-2009
I agree that you are being very lenient. The daycare that my children just transferred from charged a fee of $30 if your payment wasn't made the day that it was due.
SimpleMom 11:11 AM 10-28-2009
I should clarify the late payment thing is really new at my DC. It irritates me and I've never had to even get past one late payment, if that, before. Same with the no mittens/shoes thing. Argh. Just don't like the awkwardness of saying hey your payment is late and now you owe an extra $5.00/day it's been late. It's in my policy and on the page of the signed contract.

I'm pretty good at sticking to the contract and have even had parents upset for enforcing it. It's just so not my personality to ask for money. This parent told me to remind her if she doesn't pay and such. I would think after this long it should be habit. I used to have my oldest child in DC years ago and it was pretty clear to me that I paid such and such on the same day each week. Unfortunately, the 'reminder' will be a late fee. That usually takes care of any forgetfulness on payment days.

Also, just to note that I'm a little hormonal with being pregnant. I'm doing much better than earlier on when I was so exhausted and a bit crabby We're almost half way there now--yay! Anyway, if I seem a little mood swingish or need to vent a little here and there it's probably just hormones...
Unregistered 10:41 AM 10-29-2009
I used to have a $5.00 a day late fee, but there was one family that always paid it. I wouldn't get paid many weeks til Wed. my payday is Mon. After they left to start a daycare herself(good luck to her, ha) I am chaging $10.00 a day. I haven;'t had anyone be late with payments since!!!
Unregistered 04:46 PM 10-29-2009
I own a childcare center in Louisiana, I am the most understandable owner ever but I have come to realize nobody appreciates anything you do. I agree LIVE AND LEARN...
Unregistered 04:39 PM 11-02-2009
I have done daycare now for over 5 yrs. in Iowa, and I am a very nice person, very leniant, used to be, I have made too many exceptions for everyone. To live and learn is mild way to say it. I have stopped doing everything about 1 yr. ago, I had some parents who wanted everything given to them, they signed the contract, everything was spelled out in it, didn;'t have any questions on it at all. Then wanted everything!! Well you did it before for us, then finally quit to do daycare herself(GOOD LUCK!!!) I knew they kept lying to me, I had to sue for 2 week notice, I ended up getting, just one lie after another with them. LIVE AND LEARN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
canadiancare 10:52 AM 11-03-2009
I've been doing home daycare for 17 years. I have written policies and I charge for sick days but not for my closing the day care. As a result I have 3 kids whose parents keep them home when they are off and pay me anyway and 2 kids who never miss a day.
SimpleMom 11:26 AM 11-04-2009
I have great policies in my contract. I'm just gonna have to stick to them and not waiver. That's where I get stuck. I try to be fair and kind, but most times it comes back to bite me in the tush. I have had better luck with the late payment thing. The parents are very good about paying ON TIME now that I reminded them about the late fees. I have one more to work on, but that should be fairly easy to fix.

Thanks for all the great advice!
Kidcare 09:08 AM 11-05-2009
Do you mind if I ask why you didn't get both weeks payment when you sued? I'll be sueing one of my clients soon and I wanted to be armed with all the info I can. Thanks~
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