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In Ontario 02:14 AM 04-19-2008
Hi everyone,

We're noticing that our child always has bruises on their lower legs - between the ankle and knee.

We haven't seen him bump his legs at all during play, rough-housing, etc. We know the way we change his diaper that we're not holding on to their sometimes kicking legs too tightly or anything. We are stumped.

We wonder if this is a daycare provider holding their legs too tightly when they are getting changed at daycare? We are at a loss - has anyone else noticed this with their children?

Unregistered 04:14 AM 04-24-2008
Maybe it is from your child banging their legs on the changing table. My daughter is pretty tall for her age and if she swings her legs they will hit the edge of the changing table between her ankles and knees.
jacky 01:41 AM 06-26-2008
Hi, as a childcare provider, i can tell you that some kids bruise more easily than some.You are the parent & you know your child best.Have you asked your child "how you got that bump". Really,if its in the same places everytime,i would say its someting at daycare.What about the play equipment,or a lot of my kids bump tonka trucks into each other, so it may be that.
Have you considered asking your carer,as theres nothing more frustrating than being told a week later that "child A' came home with bruises.Always ask your carer,or call her as soon as you notice them, as remember, we have busy days & between recalling who did dirty nappies & who didnt, who ate what etc, we can easily forget something that may have contributed to the bruises.Also remember, we REALLY appreciate honesty from parents, as good communication is the key to a good parent/carer relationship.
pingaa3 01:34 PM 06-27-2008
If you child is below age 4 and walking I'd say it was from playing. Not walking and bruises there would warrant concern. Talk with the provider about it. A good provider should have asked you about it already if its been going on for a while.

P.S. Rough handing during diaper changing would result in bruising around the ankles while holding legs, as that is most common area to hold during changes.
mac60 03:17 AM 06-30-2008
I would think it was from play. You don't say how old the child is. I have a 2 yr old that constantly jumps up and lands on both legs with them bent on the floor, kids are so mobile and get bumps, run and fall, run into one another, fall on toys, etc, that more than likely it is from that. Also, as someone said, some kids bruise easier than others.

I caution you to be careful how you approach your provider, there is nothing more hurtful that to have a parent accuse a provider of something. Also, remember that the child is probably playing with other children and playing differently while at the providers, meaning when the child is at home with you they may play a lot calmer when playing alone than with others.
Unregistered 08:21 PM 07-21-2008
I say its from play. If your child is like many others I have known they tend to be easily distracted and don't watch where they walk. My son always has bruises there and I swear I don't see it happen. The shins are not a typical place for abuse.
Unregistered 06:36 PM 07-22-2008
It's summertime-children get bruises without you seeing any falls, bumps, rough-playing. Ever see a bruise on yourself and wonder where the heck you got that?? Here's my advice-of 18 yrs--document. If you see a pattern, then ask questions. Depending on how old the child is, ask him/her-wow honey, that's a nasty bruise, what happened? Kids don't lie-document their words-date it-and keep it. I'd keep about a 2 month journal-and see what you find. GOOD LUCK
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