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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>moving to North Carolina, starting new home daycare (I own one here in Massachusetts)
Unregistered 02:07 AM 04-24-2008
I have been a home based daycare/ preschool for 10 years here in Massachusetts. We have to be licensed here and are part of The Department of Education and Care.
My husband and I are considering re-locating to the Raleigh area of North Carolina and I'm trying to get a handle on what I will be facing in opening another daycare there.
Right now I have up to 8 kids, 6 kids who are 5 and under and I take kindergartner's before and after school and during the summer months.
Additionally, I have to have 20+ hours of "approved" courses every 3 years prior to re-licensing (it's every 3 years here). Also I must renew my CPR every year and First Aid every other year.
Can you tell me if there are simular regulations in North Carolina? Would love information.
My business here has been very financially rewarding even though it's small and I just wondered if I would be able to achieve the same results when we move.
Unregistered 07:37 AM 06-14-2008
Hello, and welcome to NC! First let me advise you that we are regulated to death in NC. In order to operate you must have you NCEC and NCAC. These are a requirement for daycares. The "bible" as we foundly call it is what we follow for all rules, regulations, and sanitation rules. Please be sure to check building, zoning and fire codes for the area that you are in. The Raleigh market rates are fairly good so you should be able to get the max amount if you go throught the rated license assessment for 1 - 5 stars. All the information you would need you can find at the following web sites: , These sites will lead you to most of the sites that you will need. Good luck, and again, welcome!
Unregistered 07:13 PM 11-15-2008
must you be licensed as a day care facility in north carolina if you are keeping 2 to 3
preschool aged children in your home?
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