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Parents and Guardians Forum>Can They Kick a Child Out for Warts on Their Finger?
Unregistered 11:43 AM 08-06-2008
My 4 year old was kicked out of day care b/c he has warts on his finger...
He has been to the doctor for them, and the only thing he could do was tell me to buy stuff to put on them, and that freezing them would be unnecessary pain for him at his age
Can they do that? I read the handbook and it says nothing in there.

What should I do?
Michael 08:25 PM 08-06-2008
Warts can be contagious. The HPV virus that causes warts can be passed from person to person by close physical contact or from a surface that a person with a wart touches. Your state may have certain guidelines that a daycare facility must follow. Kicking your child out does not seem to be correct. We encourage you to contact your state's licensing agency and enquire as to your rights and the daycare facilities’ commitment to fulfilling the standards of your state. Please see:
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