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busymommy0420 07:23 PM 09-29-2012
I am a Mommy to five...Birdman (17), Shmoobi (16), Sport (11), Princess (3) & Jazzy (2). Shmoobi is our biological son, the other four our our adoptive children. I run an in-home daycare caring for my two daughters, three 2 year old girls and two school age girls. Well Sport & Jazzy's biological mother delivered a healthy baby girl last Friday and the baby was placed into foster care into our home. I am trying to manage my daycare plus my toddler daughters with a newborn baby girl. Here are some questions for those with infants and toddlers?

* Do you go outside often? We were going out 2-4 hours a day? I am in Western NY so it can get cold here!
* Do you ask the toddlers not to touch the baby (germs)?
* Do you limit field trips and outings? We currently attend an outside pre-school T/Th and ballet Friday plus a field trip Wednesdays.
* Can you claim an infant on CACFP? How do you mark them?
* Do you have any advice for a Mommy of six/ having three girls ages 3 and under?

My husband and I are so happy to have such a big family but are working on finding our new routine and making it work for us giving all our children attention, love and guidance!
MNMum 10:07 PM 09-29-2012
Wow, what big hearts you have! Getting outside with infants gets tricky. While she is real little, wear her in a sling or carrier, she'll stay warm next to your body.

As for field trips, do what feels right, depending on your group dynamics, you may be able to still get out the door!

You can claim infant meals. I use Minute Menu, there is a separate meal planner for infants.

I encourage toddler to give kisses on baby's feet. Safer and fewer germ transmissions!

I'm exhausted thinking about a 3 yo, 2 yo and newborn. 24/7.

Congrats on your new addition!
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