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tenderhearts 01:27 PM 12-01-2010
I have an old dcb who really wants to come see me so his mom wants to "stop by" to visit. I would absolutely love seeing him but I really don't like those types of visits during daycare hours. I did say he could come for the day if I had an opening but they just want to come by. So does it sound bad like they'll think I don't have time for the kids during the day if I said I would have to do it after daycare hours (which I don't mind even on a weekend) because during daycare hours it's just gets too caotic when "visitors" are here? Plus with all the activities and such with the kids the 2 babies it's really hard to just sit and chat. I have a feeling she would say oh thats fine we can just sit he can play. I don't know but he may want to see the kids but none of the kids (except ) weren't even her when he was so he doesn't even know them. Just curious what you would tell her. Or would you just let them come?
MyAngels 02:54 PM 12-01-2010
I have scheduled these types of visits for a time when we are doing something that requires a lot of supervision and interaction, and pressed the parent into being my helper. Nothing like free labor
nannyde 02:59 PM 12-01-2010
I don't allow play dates at my home regardless of what connection they have with my family or my day care.

She wants a free easy play date where her kid will have fun and she is not alone with the child. She doesn't have to do anything BUT bring the kid over and they both get to have a really good time at your expense. I understand wanting that. We all would like free and easy. She's just bold enough to ask you for it.

Just tell her that you can't manage visitors while you are working but thank you so much for thinking of the visit and you will get back to her if you ever have a really easy day where you could do some company.
tenderhearts 04:38 PM 12-01-2010
Thanks, that's exactly what I was thinking (just knowing this family) that's kind of her intent. Loved the family but still I know. I would much rather them come on a weekend OR I suggested us going out for lunch but when she called again today she brought up coming here again.
laundrymom 06:28 PM 12-01-2010
I think suggesting a lunch or coffee date would be better tell mom that while you loved having him at daycare and you miss him... Having him in the new group would make things stressful.
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