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oceantied1108 07:45 AM 03-11-2021
Hi there! We are looking to reserve a spot with a daycare provider four months in advance, and are completely comfortable with a contract and deposit. However, it seems in the event that the daycare provider changes her mind (for example is able to fill the spot with another child), she will only return the deposit.

My spouse thinks the daycare provider should also pay us some sort of fee in addition to returning the deposit, due to the problems it would create for us needing to locate a new provider.

My question is, has anyone seen this sort of fee built in to a contract, where if the provider gives our spot to someone else, they would pay us an additional fee plus our original deposit? In our home country it's usual, but not sure what the norm is here.

Thank you!
Cat Herder 09:08 AM 03-11-2021
I would simply have you sign the contract and begin paying tuition now to secure your slot. Tuition is not based on attendance, so it is the most reasonable solution.

I would not hold a slot for less than full pay.
Snowmom 10:24 AM 03-11-2021
If you want a guarantee, you should pay 100% of weekly fees starting immediately (if the spot is currently open).

I wouldn't secure a spot either unless full fees are paid from the moment the spot is available.

I have never in my 14 years licensed EVER heard of a provider paying a family if the availability changes.
Refund, yes. Additional fees, NO.
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