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Cat Herder 09:08 AM 11-16-2020
With so many offerings on streaming, I fear I may be missing out on some great shows I did not know about. I am loving being cable free, but struggle to find out all that is out there. There is just so much.

What are you streaming? What series have you hooked? How are you streaming? What services do you love?
Blackcat31 09:15 AM 11-16-2020
I am ashamed and not ashamed to say I am hooked on several ridiculous reality shows as of late.

Anything that doesn't mention COVID or politics.

So, trashy, silly and as far from reality as you can get and I am watching it. I draw the line at the Bachelor though. I just cant.

I did DVR America's Book of Secrets, Why We Hate and Barkskins. All VERY interesting shows and worth watching.
Cat Herder 09:21 AM 11-16-2020
I will check those out.

Right now I am hooked on The Good Fight but am close to another showhole. I generally have time for two episodes per night and occasionally some on the weekend.

Bonus: My regs went back to two hours instead of 20 minutes, so I can add kids shows back in (just in time for two new infants). Amazon also has kids books to music, 2-10 minutes each, plus some really good, free, kids shows.

I also found SkyNews, that has been interesting.

That is about as far as I have gotten, though.
Pandaluver21 09:52 AM 11-16-2020
I like crime shows
We are currently re-watching Bones and SVU
We recently got done binge watching Stargate SG1 and may watch the others as well.
Honestly when I run out of things to binge watch I end up going back and watching all of the startreks
Rockgirl 10:33 AM 11-16-2020
I keep hearing ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ on Netflix is really good, so that’s next on my list. I highly recommend (although it is NOT family-friendly) ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ on Amazon. There’s so much to love about that show.
Cat Herder 11:59 AM 11-16-2020
Great ideas, I am making a list.

Keep 'em coming.
284878 01:04 PM 11-16-2020
There's not much current on TV that I like other than repeats, here's a few that I watch

This is us
Amazing race
Gordon Ramsay cooking show

I like New Amsterdam on NBC but I don't watch because it's on later and I want to get to bed.

Other than that we watch shows I pick up from the library like
The crown
Doc Martin
Downton Abbey
MyAngels 01:44 PM 11-16-2020
I'm currently rewatching Mad Men.

The Queen's Gambit (Netflix) was good.

We watched the Mandalorian, meh, reminded me of a comic book.

Yellowstone, I think it's streaming on Peacock.

The Affair was just ok, it got kind of weird at times.

Ozark on Netflix is good.

Queen of the South, I think it may be on Netflix now.

Bosch on Amazon Prime is good.

The Crown on Netflix - I think they're almost ready to drop the latest season.

I can't think of any others right now, but we just got Hulu for the first time so I'm hoping to find more.
Rockgirl 02:13 PM 11-16-2020
If you have Hulu, Handmaid’s Tale is good!
MyAngels 03:45 PM 11-16-2020
A couple of others I had forgotten we watched on Amazon Prime:

Jack Ryan
The Man in the High Castle
Ariana 04:13 PM 11-16-2020
Killing Eve
Handmaids tale
House of Cards
(Currently watching the Queens Gambit but so far not impressed 3 episodes in).

Any and all crime documentaries (Making a Murderer, The Staircase, Unsolved Mysteries (new current mysteries) etc etc if you like that type of show).

I have Netflix, Prime and used to have Crave but cancelled it recently.
Cat Herder 05:00 AM 11-17-2020
Thank you, guys! A few of these I have seen and a few I have never heard of. I am looking forward to checking them out.
DaveA 05:40 AM 11-17-2020
The Mandalorian
Forged in Fire
HGTV & Food Network
Expedition Unknown & Expedition X
Dirty Jobs
Kayla218 12:52 PM 11-17-2020
My husband and I really love the show Evil.

My guilty pleasure show is Love After Lockup
CenterTeacher20 12:54 PM 11-17-2020
Originally Posted by Rockgirl:
I keep hearing ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ on Netflix is really good, so that’s next on my list. I highly recommend (although it is NOT family-friendly) ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ on Amazon. There’s so much to love about that show.
LOVE Mrs. Maisel!!!!
Ariana 01:16 PM 11-17-2020
Oh and...
Morning Show (Amazing storyline and great acting)
Ted Lasso (funny, American in Britain kind of humour)
rosieteddy 06:34 AM 11-18-2020
The movie The Lie was excellent! I think Netflix. Also The Spanish Princess on Star or Epix.
Gemma 09:42 AM 11-18-2020
All the series I was interested on are on hold, so we started watching Wildfire on Prime, but when we were a season and 1/2 into it, they started asking to submit payment to watch so we dropped it.

Now we're watching Good Bones on HGTV hoping something good comes along soon
Cat Herder 09:46 AM 11-18-2020
Lot's of great suggestions. Thanks!!
Blackcat31 07:07 PM 03-23-2021
Recently discovered a YouTube channel by Mark Laila called Soft White Underbelly.
He does interviews with lots of homeless people, meth addicts and prostitutes etc but the series of interviews he has with the people of Appalachia is absolutely fascinating! Totally worth watching!

These two were great!

I find these types of documentaries fascinating
Gemma 05:14 AM 03-24-2021
I wish there was a special dance we could do, to bring back decent shows on TV!
Everything is horror, death, sadness, corruption, loss......
I'm so sick of it!!!
We need uplifting shows, now more than ever!
lovemykidstoo 07:04 PM 03-24-2021
Just started watching Doctor Foster on Netflix. Love it!

Also watch Good Girls
Schitt's Creek
Dead To Me
Stranger Things
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