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Abigail 07:53 PM 04-18-2011
I have seen some ads for accepting applications referring to applying to have your child in a home daycare. I've seen this before for high-end and expensive-to-no-end daycares, but when I noticed it was a home daycare I got to thinking about it.

Does anyone advertise in this manner for a home daycare? I was thinking of maybe having an "application" where it's more like a Tell Me About Yourself page to give to parents prior to interviewing. Then I could start with reading their answers with them and then continue to go over the handbook and explain my way of things.

Would it make sense to have sections like:
Explain your parenting style.
How is discipline handled at home?
What kind of routine is followed at home?
What do you expect of your future childcare provider?
Really what I would like to get out of this "application" would be to make sure they're on board with following a routine, understanding redirection and no-spanking for discipline, learning independence, etc. I guess I need to think about what is the most important about being "fit" for my program.
daycare 08:05 PM 04-18-2011
I use this method... I have a small packet of questions like the ones you posted. I try to give the impression from the get go that I am also interviewing them as well and only want to choose the best fitting person.

I recently stated emailng these to the parents before they even show up for the interview and asked them to either email it back or bring it with them when they came. I try to make it fun and not over whelming is that one word or I suck at the english language......ugh

I have only done it one time so far and I am still trying to work out the little kinks. You know how that goes.....over time I will have it well hoping that I do.
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