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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Must've been the day for surprise inspections
Josiegirl 03:53 AM 08-15-2013
I had one the other day also. I knew I'd have to be calling the state to get one anyways but figured I'd 'be ready' in other words cleaned up, appropriate activities available, that kind of thing. No, eeks, when I saw her standing at my door with a note pad, I went into my panic mode. When I panic, I say too much. My house was a complete disaster, it was right after lunch and my dd and I have been working on carnival games. Stuff everywhere. I kept apologizing for the mess. She was super sweet and said 'your home looks inviting and enjoyed by children'. Said I had a wonderful set-up, learning materials for all ages, the kids looked happy(thank you kiddies for being on your bestest behavior for an hour!!!). She didn't write me up for anything, just a few suggestions of what I had to do.
Restock my first aid kit(couldn't find a roll of gauze)
Take the shelf out of my LT Cube Climber because it has a crack in it the kids could get their fingers stuck in.
Oh plus, she only has to check 25% of the children's folders and I could not put my fingers on the file of my former 3 siblings that I agreed to take for a couple weeks this summer. I opened my big mouth and told her that. I know it's in my basement someplace because I keep all my former families' info. She just told me to find it and keep it with the others.

I'm so grateful that's over!!!!
MsLaura529 04:19 AM 08-15-2013
Yay! Sounds like it went really well.
Familycare71 05:13 AM 08-15-2013
You did well and it's over!!! Good for you
MyAngels 05:23 AM 08-15-2013
I totally get that whole "panic" reaction . I go through all the paperwork stuff quarterly to keep it up-to-date, and regularly check for all of the regs type stuff and yet I still get that feeling every time I get a pop in inspection. It's the worst part of this job IMO.

Sounds like you did a fantastic job!
Heidi 05:42 AM 08-15-2013
Me too!

She came Tuesday. Like you, I knew it was time because the last visit was last August.

I was missing 3 pieces of paperwork. I KNEW I had 2 of them; and found them behind the desk 3 minutes after she'd left.

The last one was a missing health update in one child's file; it is a month overdue. Now, he had shots in March, and I had that record, so you KNOW he saw a doctor, and I KNOW I sent the form with mom.

Of course, 7 week old pretty much cried the whole time she was here, making it particularly challenging to look for paperwork. She told me I could fax two of them when I found them, and I will get a write-up for the health form. Alas..
MrsSteinel'sHouse 06:29 AM 08-15-2013
My food lady was here yesterday- during naptime! She was running late. Thankfully I saw her pull in. She just did what she had to do and left. No child was woke!
Now my next visit should be licensing probably October/ Novemberish.
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