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Second Home 10:16 AM 01-31-2014
After reading hundreds of posts here I have decided to use my backbone as I am the only one who has control over what happens in my CC. I can blame no one but me if I get walked over , I won't let it happen anymore.
So a big thank you to all .
My first case of new and improved backbone use was this week.

I had a call from a grandmother asking about care for her grandson , she was calling for the parents .The biggest issue was that they wanted me an hour earlier than I open , but I told her we could talk about it during the interview as it may be possible. I spoke with her about other things I checked my calendar and we scheduled an interview .

Interview day comes , I have all the paperwork ready for them . The time come and no one shows up , no call nothing.
The next day I get a phone call from the same woman confirming the interview for the wrong day and time .

I am usually forgiving and do not like confrontation ( who does?) but not this time .

I told her that she missed her appointment for the previous day , she got defensive and said her appt was for 4pm on Fri. I mentioned that I never schedule interviews during DC hours and she made a mistake . She refused to believe that she was wrong . So I nicely told her that I would not be willing to keep the appt she believed she had as I have something planned with my family already . And I was not willing to change my plans . I gave her the number for the local child care office and told her they can help her find a provider .

I could tell that this family would be a problem from the way she argued with me . If the grandmother made a mistake it is not my fault and I will not let someone yell at me , if they do it before an interview what would they be like as clients. Maybe if she would have apologized it would have been different .
Naptime yet? 10:34 AM 01-31-2014
Good for you! I wish I had discovered this forum before I ever opened, would have saved me some grey hairs! It only gets easier....right?
melilley 10:59 AM 01-31-2014
It's really hard, but once you rip the band aid off, it seems to get a little easier to use your backbone! The nerve of her to yell at you on the phone when she's the one who needs you!
TwinKristi 01:02 PM 01-31-2014
good job!!
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