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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Does Anyone Have Children That Don't Act Up At Pickup Time
Country Kids 02:11 PM 11-01-2011
The acting out post at pickup time made me think-does anyone have children that are terrors during the day but not when parents pick up? I have one that I'm starting to think has behavioral issues and runs me for my money. The thing is though when the parents drop by unannouced (this is fine with me) or come to pick up this child changes drastically and behaves exceptionally well. Immediately apologizes for behavior for the day and will be have for quite awhile afterwards if parent just drops by.

Parents and I are at a total loss of what to do. Very willing to work with me, but my hands are very tied on how I can discipline and I so think the child knows this. I have posted on this child before and some days behavior is good and then other days it is like I'm dealing with a child that in the old days would have probably been committed or put in a special home.
daycare 02:21 PM 11-01-2011
I have two that are prefect angles when with me and even when parents are around. they are so overly even tempered and they don't even blink different when the parent is present... I love these kids to death
wdmmom 02:56 PM 11-01-2011
Nope. Most of the kids I have are mild tempered. I have a 2 year old that is an eager beaver when mom comes but not when dad does. I have a 3 year old that is a hellion when mom comes but not when dad comes.

The others don't act any different. They know how our day operates and when mom or dad will be here. I also meet them at the door with their child in tow and ready to go. Minimizes the time for behavior and attitudes.
Hunni Bee 05:26 PM 11-01-2011
I don't. But if you would refer to my (venting) post yesterday, its because I do not over-engage the parents at pick-up. I give a cheerful greeting, few quick bytes about the child's day and any quick orders of business, and out the door - see ya tomorrow. Mind you, I am in a center, so I don't have as many issues thrown at me at pick-up...but then again, I'm assistant director, so I really do.

Any thing needing me to walk away from my classroom, or talk more than 3 minutes about, must be handled at a different time. I don't neglect kids to take care of parents, sorry. Some of the parents don't especially like that, and wish I was more chatty, but I'm they either be happy with the great job I do with their kid, or go complain to the director about it

EDIT: Oops...didn't read right. This is about kids who act up at pick-up with their OWN parent. Again, same principle. Hi Mom - Chris had a great day, we did blah blah blah - Thanks for signing the permission slip - okay buddy see ya tomorrow (while putting coat on) - you all have a good evening. That's it.
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