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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Magnificent Monday! List Your Top 3 Reasons Why You Love Being A Childcare Provider
Sunshine75 09:14 PM 09-29-2013
Your top 3 reasons why you love being a childcare provider. Mine are....
1) Being home with my boys and nit dealing with a daily commute
2) Being my own boss and having my own business
3) Getting paid weekly

I would be remiss if I didn't mention baby giggles, snuggles and loves. My boys are now 10 and 13 and were past all that a long time ago!
Josiegirl 02:40 AM 09-30-2013
1) Since my kids are all grown and off on their own, being here for my pups now
2) Being my own boss
3) And of course, the kids keep me happy and sane(or insane, whichever way the day goes)
Play Care 08:07 AM 09-30-2013
1. Being home when my kids get off the bus
2. Being my own boss
3. Not having to deal with co-worker drama
Cradle2crayons 09:27 AM 09-30-2013
(1) never missing a sporting event, practice or school function (because I work afternoons) and I tote all the daycare kids to ball practice lol

(2) I like helping single moms and local parents who can't get childcare anywhere else

(3) of course being my own boss and not answering to anyone
My3cents 11:12 AM 09-30-2013
1) being my own boss! Owning my own business. Not answering to anyone else other then myself and the basic rules and regs you have to abide by.

2) love for kids- Kids are accepting for the most part of your flaws. They don't care if I can't sing so long as I just sing to them. They don't care if I don't come to work in a suit, so long as I paint with them. Kids view things differently then adults do and to escape being an adult for a bit during the day is a wonderful thing- I teaching them to do new things and the wonderment of wow....I did that, I know this or that now. I get excited when a baby takes first steps, learns a new word or to talk, these things are amazing to me and I don't tire of them because they are amazing to the kiddo's. Draws a circle after struggling to do so....little stuff that just makes my day- The growth is so rapid from 0-5 that every day is an adventure.

3) My Job enables me to better my family. I like having something to wake up and do, do well and a purpose to life. I like the challenge of what is going to happen today?

Sometimes I really think I have Adult Attention Deficit- because I am pulled so much in my work that I bounce like a rubber ball from one thing to another and I love every minute of it....... most minutes of it. Providers wear so many hats and have to be everything at any minute. You never know where your day is going to lead. I have a strong love for my work but I too have to find my way back to that mind set at times, esp if you have had a bad day, bad week, cranked out kids, issues etc.... but you get that in any job. I like that I can sit on the floor if I want, I like a lot of things about being a provider or I would not be doing this. I love that I am helping to mold and shape our future and hopefully a difference maker in the lives I touch through this journey.

Nice thread OP
Sunshine75 12:57 PM 09-30-2013
Wow, lots of amazingness (lol) with our jobs and great benefits for us and our families. I also love that with little ones you are their whole world and you truly make a difference. Makes you feel needed and helps me when I remember all those milestones my now tween/teen went through and how fast it went!

PS-I will also be posting a Fantastic Friday question.
KidGrind 03:05 PM 09-30-2013
1. Providing a safe place for a child.
2. Providing a much needed service to parents.
3. Running a business which is profitable & provides for my family beyond the basic needs.
jenn 03:34 PM 09-30-2013
1. Being home with my daughter.
2. Providing income for my family while still being at home.
3. Setting my own rules.
MotherNature 04:32 PM 09-30-2013
I am the same as Jenn.
1. Being able to stay home w/ my son & still bring in income.
2. Setting my own hours & schedule & being selective of who I work with.
3. no uniform! & no commute.
Lil'DinoEggs 09:06 PM 09-30-2013
1.) The money. It isn't great, but better than anywhere else. plus no daycare. I paid off three of my student loans. One more to go!!

2.) sigh....staying home with the kids. I actually preferred working outside the home, but it is so much nicer than kids being called out, getting to nurse vs pumping, if working longer hours means finding a sitter.

3.) My (some what) well adjusted kids. My son who is 18 mo can talk, sing, climb, starting to share already and sits on the potty (doesn't actually go, but likes to mimic the other kids). My older daughter who is 4 is starting to read, knows everything, knows how to make friends, knows who to avoid confrontation and generally listens to adults. I saw a huge positive difference when they started working with other kids rather me being a SAHM and struggling to get to play dates.
Blackcat31 07:37 AM 10-01-2013
1) being my own boss
2) money
3) being my own boss
crazydaycarelady 08:05 AM 10-01-2013
1) Being able to get up 10 minutes before my workday starts (I shower at night and set my clothes out just FYI.) LOL

2) Not having to go out and start up a cold car, scrape windows, fight traffic.

3) Being my own boss, deciding when I take vacations or take a day off.

4) When my kids were young - being home for them but still bringing in income

5) Now - being home with my doggies who I love so much.
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