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I am Neekie 11:01 AM 01-28-2014
I have been trying all morning to get on using my registered name and nothing works. My password is not working and I can't seem to get a new one. I can't pick up my private messages or anything. Thanks Neekie
Blackcat31 11:45 AM 01-28-2014
I sent you a password reset e-mail.

Let me know if you are able to log in after you reset it.
Unregistered 04:06 PM 01-28-2014
Thanks Blackcat, but I still can't log in.
Neekie 04:14 PM 01-28-2014
Thanks Blackcat! That password works. I am on again. Yahoo!!
Michael 06:13 PM 01-28-2014
Glad BlackCat has my back when I am not here.
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