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Parents and Guardians Forum>Is My 12 Month Old Ready for Daycare?
Unregistered 11:23 AM 03-04-2020
My 12 month old just started daycare at KinderCare part time (8:30-11:30) two weeks ago after spending a year with me at home. Just started letting him stay for naptime (12-2:30pm) yesterday.

He fought the workers quite a bit, but eventually they were able to get him to sleep for about half an hour (He normally sleeps 2 hrs).

He is still crying badly at drop off and pickup, but does pretty ok during the day, and hasn't cried too much since the first two days)

I'm just worried that because he hasn't started walking yet (just cruising) and still nurses to sleep half the time, and is a contact napper at home, that this adjustment is too much. How do I know if he is ready?
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