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SilverSabre25 01:53 PM 10-24-2011
As if I needed another thing going on in my life right now (go AWAY, Murphy!!!!), I just discovered a flea problem. No idea how extensive it is, but it can't be too bad yet because I could have sworn that the issue on my cat wasn't fleas because the dirt I found wasn't "bleeding" when I got it wet, and I found nothing on my other two cats (this was last night when I bathed them; today I found fleas on my floor when one jumped onto my notebook).

So anyway, yeah, fleas. I know what to do about them as I've dealt with this before. My question I need to notify the daycare parents that I've found fleas in my house?

*off to vacuum the heck out of everything, change the sheets, and glare at the cats*
grandmom 02:01 PM 10-24-2011
Chech your rules. I must give parents 48 hr notice of any spray.
SilverSabre25 02:02 PM 10-24-2011
I'm not under any licensing restrictions as I'm legally unlicensed in my state.
sharlan 02:03 PM 10-24-2011
I would treat and let it go. I personally wouldn't say anything unless the kids got bit.
godiva83 03:48 PM 10-24-2011
I think if you are 100% sure you have it under control and that you are not infested with them you can let it go- unless you are using toxic agents to rid your home of fleas...personally I would appreciate a heads up and then I could decide to keep my little guy home, KNWIM.

I am not well versed in fleas- can they cause harm to humans, or simply just be annoying and bite?
Nellie 09:55 PM 10-24-2011
I'd give a heads up. You don't know if any have traveled with the children and now the problem could possible be at you families houses. I also don't know the dangers that a flea bite may possible bring. As a parent I'd want to know. I'd want to pull my child untill the problem is taken care off and the house is safe to be in(because of what ever you are using to rid the problem).
Unregistered 02:58 AM 10-25-2011
If your animals are treated chances are these fleas are just stragglers. Very very few homes can truely claim to be flea free purely because they jump on humans and animals from grass, hedges etc. Fleas do not live on animals, they are merely a mobile cafeteria or a mode of transport to a warmer place (your home)
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