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BigMama 09:56 AM 01-18-2012
I have been caring for DCB for two years and from day one his mom has been saying how when he turns 4 she planned to send him to pre-k. Well, he is turning 4 this summer and would therefore be going to pre-k next year. I have been operating under this assumption and interviewed a family about six weeks ago that was interested in the full-time spot that would be available when DCB leaves me in June. Now DCM has changed her mind and wants to keep DCB with me part time for next year. I love this little boy (and his family is wonderful) and definitely want to keep him but now I won't be able to have the new child full-time as I told her parents I would be able to during their interview. I hadn't sent them a contract or anything yet but definitely told them a full-time spot would be available. Now, all I have is a part-time spot. Should I send the new family a letter? Is an email too informal? Has anyone else had this happen? How did you inform the family?
countrymom 10:34 AM 01-18-2012
hmm, I would get it in writing that the boy is going to stay with you. Because its so early in the year, you never know. You need to discuss with mom asap.
Cat Herder 10:57 AM 01-18-2012
Honestly, I'd never give up a full timer over a part timer.

Especially since, IMHO, most tend to stay with whatever center their kids are going to pre-k with.

The driving back and forth everyday get's tiresome for Mom's. The new habits they pick up there infects your group, too. Not to mention being forced into being back-up for the other center closures/sick policy.

Way more drama than it is worth for both you and her, IMHO. I understand missing him, though. Do you have a "no pay" option?
Blackcat31 11:03 AM 01-18-2012
Full time ALWAYS trumps part time. This IS business for me.
familyschoolcare 11:07 AM 01-18-2012
Originally Posted by countrymom:
hmm, I would get it in writing that the boy is going to stay with you. Because its so early in the year, you never know. You need to discuss with mom asap.
I secound this ...

Get it in writing and maybe a deposite or a clause about mom paying for the slot if she drops, just untell you fill the spot...

Atleast, find out why mom changed her mind.

Did this come up because of something you said to mom you did mom all of a sudden say she changed her mind about pre-k?
Heidi 11:27 AM 01-18-2012
Actually, I wouldn't tell anybody anything yet. You just never know what is going to happen. Someone else could decide to move or leave.

Get your deposit, and sign up the new family. If a month before new boy starts something hasn't changed, tell pre-k boys family that as much as you adore them, you can't work around pre-k, unless they want to pay for a full time spot.
BigMama 11:35 AM 01-18-2012
DCM changed her mind because she wasn't happy with her two full-day pre-school options (one was with a less-than-stellar teacher and one was too pricey). The half day pre-k is free and then DCB would come to me after (11:30-5). Like I said, he is a great little boy and the family is an awesome DCF. She has verbally confirmed and is waiting for me to hand out next years contracts (I do this in Feb. for the next school year). Ugh. I just feel bad that this other family is under the impression that I would have a full-time spot. AND they are good friends with one of my other DCF's. I guess I should have waited to interview people for the spot until after I did new contracts but she talked about it so much I never thought she would change her mind.
laundrymom 11:58 AM 01-18-2012
I'm sorry Sara, ive already filled hobarts position for next year. I can put you on the top of my waiting list but the position has been filled.
Christian Mother 12:20 PM 01-18-2012
I have a similar situation although my little guy turns 3 in March. Mom is a teacher and was told that during the summer time she can bring her son with her to school while she teaches. Her son would go into the preschool program. Last yr he was supposed to go but didn't so I watched him most of the week but Fri. So I am not sure if this summer she plans to bring him with her to school for the summer. It would make since for her to do so as she is paying for both her kids full time and if one is with her she wouldn't have to pay. I don't believe she'd have to pay anything for her son to attend. I need to ask her in March when he turns 3 what she will be doing so I can plane. I know for one thing that there is no way I can pick her son up from preschool or take him back and worth. I will have to take my daughter starting next yr to Kindy so I won't be able to take other kids to school or preschool...sorry to high jack the sight...
BigMama 11:35 AM 01-24-2012
Ok...I emailed the new family and explained that Family A had changed their mind. I apologized profusely but explained that I felt that keeping the little guy was the right thing to do. I also offered her the part time spot and told her that her child is at the top of the waiting list in case someone moves or chooses a different program next year. Hopefully the new family won't be too upset with me.
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