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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Does This Equal A Note Home?
MARSTELAC 01:47 PM 12-02-2010
4 year old when asked to sit down and get ready for storytime..."I'm sick and tired of listening to you"....
Blackcat31 02:36 PM 12-02-2010
I wouldn't send a note home but I would definitely bring it up to parent at pick up time. I would have child apologize to you also. I expect the kids to show me the same respect I show them and I wouldn't say that to a child (even on the days it is true...) Maybe he shouldn't get story for a few days. Then he'll be looking forward to listening to you!
misol 02:40 PM 12-02-2010
Originally Posted by MARSTELAC:
4 year old when asked to sit down and get ready for storytime..."I'm sick and tired of listening to you"....
It deserves this response:

"Oh Little Jane, I am so sorry that you are sick. And you're tired too? Let's go lay on your nap cot since you are not feeling well. I will come check on you after storytime to see if you are feeling better." Then on the cot she goes - even if she magically feels better.

At pickup, tell dcg (in front of mom) that next time she feels "sick or tired" to be sure to let you know so that you can take her to lay down. Then tell mom that at your house whenever a child is "sick and tired" they should be resting.
BentleysBands 03:57 AM 12-03-2010
not a note i wouldnt but i mention to mom when one of mine who is 5 says things like that....
DancingQueen 04:04 AM 12-03-2010
I'd do neither if it is a first offense.
I would explain that it was an impolite thing to say and that it hurt my feelings. And I'd give him the words to use if he doesn't want to listen to the book.

My dd has busted out with some really hurtful sounding things and it was never with a mean intent - she just didn't realize it was crude and needed me to point it out.

Now if this is a consistant problem them I'd discuss with parents - but likely face to face IN FRONT of the child. and not in a note. I find the in front of a child thing works wonders.. they like to think that we don't tell parents everything.
SilverSabre25 05:47 AM 12-03-2010
That sounds like a phrase he hears a lot of--hopefully not from you, of course, but probably a lot of at home. He probably doesn't realize that it's rude (or if he does, doesn't have a more appropriate way to express the sentiment) or, a third option, he might have been trying it out to see what the response would be.

When a kid I'm in charge of says something undesirable like that, I just calmly tell them that those are not words we say. Then, I give them something better to say (in this case, maybe "I don't feel like hearing a story right now") and then handle it as though they'd said that (at four, I might make them repeat the better phrase)--"If you don't want to hear the story then you can go do A or B so long as you're quiet" or "You don't have to listen if you don't want to, but you do have to stay in the circle and sit still" or whatever your rules are.
QualiTcare 06:08 AM 12-03-2010
i wouldn't send a note. i got a note from my daughter's teacher the other day because she had to move seats for talking, and when the aide told her to move she said, "dang it" supposedly "to the aide."

i was like, okay - this is stupid first of all. secondly, saying "dang it" is in response to having to move, not something you say "TO someone."

anyhow, daycare is different bc if you're going to see the parent when they pick up you should tell them. i'd think it was weird to get a note from someone i saw.
Unregistered 09:07 AM 12-03-2010
I might not write a note to the parents for it but I would most definitely address it with the parents. Also, a sassy comment like that would definitely land the dck in a time-out. I only say that because in my daycare, I am big on everybody being respectful to each other, including me. I speak to my dcks nicely and I'm not a yeller, even when I'm using my "mean" voice. I'm just stern. The dcks are allowed to be upset and when they are upset, they can say so, but it has to be in a way that's not snotty. They also can't be yelling at each other or me. If a kid is too angry, then I give them the option to go into the other daycare room and cool off and then come back to join us when the dck is ready.
jen 09:07 AM 12-03-2010
I wouldn't send home a note or mention it, unless I mentioned it in a laughing manner, cuz I would guess that is something that is said to dcg when she's whining or whatever.

I would do the same as the pp and say, offer old sick and tired a place to sleep!
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