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WImom 02:58 PM 05-01-2011
I have a family with a 19m old that really wants to enroll at my childcare. I usually only care for ages 2y and up but he is full time and that's hard to get around here so I'm considering enrolling him. They already have my paperwork and rates since they interviewed early hoping he could start in September when he is 2y old.

If I do enroll him early would it be tacky to charge more? I'm thinking $10 a week more. I would let them know that once he is two we can go down to the two year old rate. I just know he will be more work and if I did enroll under two I'd normally charge more for them.

Not sure how I would word it though. Anyone with ideas? Or should I just not do it at all and leave it at that rate?
Preschool/daycare teacher 03:34 PM 05-01-2011
No, not tacky at all. You only take two yrs old and up, so your rate reflected that. Just let the parent know that, and say for younger children the rate would have to be $X. As long as they know their rate will go down to the 2 yrs and older rate when ther child turns two, I wouldn't think they'd get mad, or think it unfair or whatever. We charge a higher rate for children under three. The younger they are, the more their rate is. Mostly though, we try to stick to 2 and up also. The younger children ARE a lot more work and really complicate everything (when the others are ALL older than them). It only makes sense to compensate yourself for the extra work.
MarinaVanessa 03:35 PM 05-01-2011
Personally I don't think so. Around here people usually charge more for infants (0-2) and less for age 2+. I personally don't charge more but lots of people here on the forum do. I think that if you can get it why not?
jen2651 05:57 PM 05-01-2011
I wouldn't think so, I would just make sure to tell her sooner rather than later to make sure there isn't any miscommunication. If I was in her position, I would be happy to pay the extra $10 a week since you are 'bending your rules' for her!
Abigail 06:28 PM 05-01-2011
My only question is do you have other families enrolled with under age 2? This is where they will physically notice (perhaps) this child is slightly under 2 and ask for their younger ones to enroll as well. It could be a chain effect.

I think $10/week more is completely understandable and works well. I personally would switch your age down to 18+ months and have those 18-23 months at the higher rate or else it may come across as a poor business tactic of "Pay me more and I'll do it", kwim?
cheerfuldom 06:44 PM 05-01-2011
If you really need the full timer, I would just enroll him right now at the regular rate. You will make a lot more money taking him now than waiting till he turns 2. If you wait, they might find another place willing to take him even if they love your daycare. No its not a big deal to ask for the $10 more but if it is really that hard to fill that slot, I would just go ahead and take him now.
daycare 07:37 PM 05-01-2011
I dont think that it is tacky, you are changing the rules for this famly and I feel that it is fair. I also only offer services for 2 and up and I have a family with a child who is 19 months as well. I actually charge them $5.00 more per day than all the others.

The only thing that I could forsee, is that with the economy doing so bad right now, this family may be lookng foor a good deal. If i were you I would just take the full time spot as is.

All of mt 3 year olds in my DC are way more work than the 19mo old. This could be the case for you as well... You never know.....
MsMe 07:00 AM 05-02-2011
Everyone in my area also has differnt rates for 2+ and under 2. Check around it may be more common than you realize.

Good Luck!!!
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