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youretooloud 12:57 PM 06-11-2011
I'm so freaking excited about it!

I hope I can manage it by myself. It looks a lot more complicated to use than a Mei tai. But, the back support thing looks like it would make carrying "the moody one". (I upgraded her from screamer to moody)

I still need to carry her most of the day, but maybe this will make it easy???? I got the Boba in Mist for $49.00.

Is it strange that I am so excited about this? I should want books or a new dress or something right?
SunflowerMama 01:00 PM 06-11-2011
I'm totally with you. When my girls were babies I always got so excited about new carriers!! My favorite was always my Beco...actually looks very similar to your carrier. Your little dcg will love it!

I need to check out ebay! I'm starting an infant in October (all my other dcks are 2+) so I'm in the market for a new carrier.
cheerfuldom 02:33 PM 06-11-2011
I think those will be a lot easier to use than you think. enjoy! we love our ergos over here.
KEG123 05:13 PM 06-11-2011
I've heard LOTS of good things about boba. Let us know how you like it!
SilverSabre25 06:31 PM 06-11-2011
Hmm, looks nice! I have a Moby for my wee one and have liked Mei Tai's for bigger babes/toddlers. I have been considering an Ergo for when the Moby is outgrown, but this Boba looks very interesting...I will have to consider it. Thanks for sharing!
MG&Lsmom 12:56 PM 06-13-2011
I've heard lots and lots of good things about the Boba. That's a fantastic price too! Some of my soft structured carriers were well over $200 new (yes I know I have a problem ). They were custom made, but most good used carriers you can't touch for $100.
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