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Daycare and Taxes>Tax ID Number
Oneluckymom 10:45 PM 08-18-2011
I was wondering if I should use a tax I'D number and wanted to find out the pros and cons.
Michael 10:49 PM 08-18-2011
Some helpful threads:
Cat Herder 05:25 AM 08-19-2011
It keeps you from having to give out your social security number to the general public..

IMHO, it is worth it.
TomCopeland 05:30 PM 08-19-2011
Here's an article I wrote on this:
Growing1atime 12:43 PM 08-30-2011
I got my EIN in a matter of mins! Thanks Tom!
sharlan 06:14 PM 08-30-2011
I got mine today, too.

I've never had a problem giving out my ss#, but I'm not comfortable doing it now.
mismatchedsocks 06:42 PM 08-30-2011
Do you have to file taxes differently if you have an EIN? I do home daycare and am single. I have just used ssn in past but want an ein, but dont want to have to file seperate.
TomCopeland 09:06 AM 08-31-2011
The fact that you have an EIN makes no difference in how you file your taxes.
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