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View Poll Results: Do you serve breakfast
Yes, I do serve breakfast to childcare 42 62.69%
No, I do not serve breakfast to childcare 12 17.91%
I make a seperate breakfast for childcare apart from family 11 16.42%
My family and childcare eat breakfast together 10 14.93%
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Country Kids 09:56 AM 12-02-2011
Just wanting to see how many actually serve breakfast to their daycare children. I just talked to a friend of mine and she said that if she had a child that went to childcare before 8 she wouldn't take them to one that didn't serve breakfast. Excuse me, why can't parents make breakfast for their children these day and have them eat it at home?
AnneCordelia 10:05 AM 12-02-2011
I do not serve breakfast. I serve snack at 9am. Lunch at 11am. Snack at 2:30pm.

All my kids arrive before 7:30. They all have breakfast with their parents.
Zoe 10:11 AM 12-02-2011
I would serve breakfast if any of my dck's came before 8 o'clock. But my earliest comes at 8:30 and while her mother doesn't give her breakfast, my morning snack time is 45 minutes later at 9:15 and in between then I am taking my DD to school. So she just has to cope until then. And she does!
Heidi 10:22 AM 12-02-2011
I serve breakfast at 8:30. One of my dcm's has 3 children to get here by 7:30, one to get to preschool, and then to work. The twins are 15mo, and they are all under 5.

I honestly think it would be too much for her to feed them all breakfast and clean up afterwards before work. The toddlers make a mess, no matter what you give them. She has a professional job, so she needs to dress professionally.

I know she feeds the 4yo before preschool, and the others all get a sippy cup of milk in the car on the way. I can't really blame her for not sitting down to breakfast. She already gets up between 5:45-6:00.

Besides, I would still have to do an a.m. snack, so I don't see any extra work for me. I claim my meals as AM Snack (usually a grain product, milk, and raisins or bananas), lunch (11:30-a real "sunday dinner type meal), and Dinner (3:30 or whenever nap is over, usually cheese & crackers or quesadillas, fruit or raw vegies, crackers, milk).
jessrlee 10:55 AM 12-02-2011
Yes, I serve 3 meals and 3 snacks every day. My kids have the option to eat daycare food or upstairs. I leave hubs a container in the fridge. The only meal we all eat together is dinner. There is a pantry full of food in the kitchen and a whole fridge my kids can choose from. They have to eat upstairs if they aren't eating with the daycare
mema 12:37 PM 12-02-2011
All my DCK's come between 745-815. I have breakfast ready for 8. My kids usually eat with them, but if they choose to make themselves something different, then they need to eat before or after breakfast time.
mismatchedsocks 12:52 PM 12-02-2011
I have early bird kids. From 6am-730am is most drop offs. I have a 9am drop off and dont feed her breakfast. I do wait until the school agers and my own children have gone to school and feed the daycare then about 8 or 830ish.
Sunchimes 01:06 PM 12-02-2011
Most of mine are here from 5:45 to 6:30. I figure that offering breakfast is part of my niche as odd hours care. It's funny because we don't eat breakfast ourselves. Food before 9 am always sort of turned my stomach. This has been an adjustment!
Growing1atime 01:48 PM 12-02-2011
I serve breakfast to whoever is here when I serve to my family.
JaydensMommy 02:01 PM 12-02-2011
I serve my any kids that are here and my son breakfast from 7:30-8:00. after that parents are responsible for breakfast. Of course occasionally one will come arrive without eating after that time and I will offer cereal.
Unregistered 02:06 PM 12-02-2011
Originally Posted by Country Kids:
Just wanting to see how many actually serve breakfast to their daycare children. I just talked to a friend of mine and she said that if she had a child that went to childcare before 8 she wouldn't take them to one that didn't serve breakfast. Excuse me, why can't parents make breakfast for their children these day and have them eat it at home?

I dont do breakfest either and my kids come at 7:30 I do lunch at 11:30 and snack at 3pm they are all gone at 5:30
Nellie 02:07 PM 12-02-2011
When I first started all the kids besides one were fed before drop off. It was actually the later 8 am drop off that wasn't fed. When I asked the other kids if they wanted me to make them what ever I was cooking for breakfast they all said yes and ate everything on there plates. The kids didn't complain about being hungry until 5 minutes before I had lunch on the table. So now I do a later breakfast. I have one kid that comes at 7:00 with out breakfast. He is always ready to chew his arm off because he is so hungry when he is dropped off. I give him a small bowl of kix as soon as he walks in. All the other kids that are dropped off between 7:30 and 8:00 have already eaten. At about 8:30 I have the daycare breakfast done and every one sits and eats. I don't do a morning snack and every one is good till lunch.
AmyLeigh 02:18 PM 12-02-2011
I have one child that arrives at 8:15 everyday that she is here. Her mom gives her pediasure and cheerios to snack on while she gets ready for work.
Breakfast was at 8:30, but I changed it to 8:45 to accomodate the two that now occasionally arrive just before 9:00. They don't always eat much in the mornings with their families, so I wanted to provide something for them when they are here. My own children usually have a snack when they get up at 6:30, then sit down to breakfast with the dck's.
Lunch is at 11:30, pm snack at 3:00, dinner at 6:00
Ariana 02:56 PM 12-02-2011
I offer breakfast, well I call it A.M snack but none of my parents come early enough to eat it (I serve it at 8am)....I'm not complaining though
Rachel 10:42 AM 12-03-2011
Mine come between 7:15 and 8:45 usually. I serve breakfast at 8:30 to the toddlers. The babies get a bottle as needed. My own kids eat at 6:30 before they leave for school (between 7 & 7:30)
Crazy8 12:51 PM 12-04-2011
I answered yes, I do SERVE breakfast (at 8am), but it is brought by the parents. Some come in at 7:30 having ate bfast at home, others come in at 8am and need to eat - fine either way. Only problem is when kids show up at 8:45-9am and have breakfast in their bag - I tell parents they can eat it at snack time (9:30am) but I discourage it and tell them if they are coming in after 8am they need to have had bfast at home.
CheekyChick 03:05 PM 12-04-2011
We start feeding the littles at 7:30 a.m. and the preschoolers at 8:30 a.m. If a straggler comes in after 9:00 a.m. without breakfast, they will get a cereal bar and milk to tide them over until lunch. We normally do cold cereal twice a week and a "hot breakast" three times a week.
iheartkids 08:25 PM 12-04-2011
I guess you could call it breakfast or morning snack...I let the parents know I don't serve a big breakfast but I do feed them something about 8:00. It may be a bowl of cereal and juice, bagels and bananas (milk) or cereal bars and yogurt (juice). Only on the occasion that I am really hungry and want something hot that I actually cook anything. And usually the kids won't even eat it! So if they feel they need more than that in the morning they can feed them something before they come but most shrug their shoulders and say "that's fine with me".
familyschoolcare 08:53 AM 12-05-2011
I serve what I call morningsnck/breakfast.

I have mostly school aged and right now none of them come before school very often. When they do come before school then I serve breakfast, upon aravile.

On non-school days most of the children aravie between 8:00-8:30 (the time parent would normaly be dropping them at school). On those days I
serve "AM snack at 8:45" I claim it on the food prgram as brakfast. So far my exprience has been that the children do not whant morning snack. Which
means that mostly I offer but do not acually serve it. I have it on the table and ask the children if they would like to eat they say no and 15 min later I
put it away and we have it for afternoon snack, the next day.
janealb 09:59 AM 12-05-2011
I don't serve breakfast because I wouldn't have time to prepare it. My kitchen is really busy in the morning and the last thing my family needs is me going around preparing breakfast for the kids. They all have breakfast at home anyway.
KEG123 02:00 PM 12-05-2011
My family and daycare kids eat together at 8am.
WImom 02:03 PM 12-05-2011
I open at 7:00 and serve breakfast at 7:15-7:30. (I have three here right around 7am) If you come after you must eat at home. I'm only serving it once and that is when my own kids eat before school so I don't mind it.

I also do very easy things like oatmeal, cereal, muffin and fruit, etc. If my kids are off school I'll do pancakes, waffles, stuff like that since I have more time.
jojosmommy 08:23 PM 12-05-2011
I serve breakfast until 9 (late I know). I typically serve at 8 and if you are here you eat. Anyone who arrives after will mention if they ate at home and I give them a choice to eat or not. I only have 2 families so its not hard to manage. My son eats fruit before the kids come and again when they eat.
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