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Daycare and Taxes>Tax ID or EIN
EMC2 04:07 PM 04-21-2012
We have a residential daycare with my wife as the sole owner/employee. Do we need a TAX ID or EIN? Or should we get one anyway just in case we hire an assistant?

Michael 04:15 PM 04-21-2012
I presonally would go for and EIN as you proposed for your business' potential growth. Here are some threads on EIN:
3girls 09:42 PM 04-21-2012
I got one right away, they are very very easy to apply for. At the end of the year when you give families their statements for taxes (so they can claim their child care expenses) you'll want to be able to give out the ID Number instead of your own SSN!!
MarinaVanessa 11:08 AM 04-22-2012
I agree, an EIN is the way to go.
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