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LysesKids 01:34 PM 09-26-2018
Since I ended up closing sooner than expected, is Anyone looking for smaller PnP's (2 Graco travel lights w/bassinets), 4 Minui Handisitts (Eco friendly European wood boosters for ages 7months-3 years); they are no longer sold in the states, 2 new unused bouncers and one barely used, lots of play silks, wood toys, story books for 0-2 years old?

Most of my stuff is either Waldorf or Montessori based. I even have the entire collection of Mini Masters & the accompanying touch the Art books. I also have 3" mattresses that fit the Pnp's and 3 floor mattresses along with 2 micro fiber arm chairs that are perfect for the littler ones... PM me if interested
LysesKids 12:06 PM 09-28-2018
I really need to get this stuff sold... willing to ship books & some other items to those that want them. The 4 mini Handysitts will go to a consignment shop before I discount at tomorrows yard sale. They are expensive, but I'm selling for way less than worth - I know to ship them UPS cost me $16 because I sent one to my oldest dd a few years ago for my grandson lol
Unregistered 08:26 PM 09-30-2018
It's Pestle but I dumped an entire mug of tea into my Chromebook so now I have to remember my passwords to everything while using other devices. -_-

Do you have toys left?
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