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Daycare and Taxes>Humidifier: Friend Did A Favor, Can I Claim It?
legomom922 05:33 PM 03-30-2011
My husband has a friend who owns his own heating & air conditioning business, and he always takes care of clenaing our furnace, recharging/repairing our central air system and also installed a brand new central humidifier for us in Nov. We never get any reciepts for any of the work, sometimes its free or really dirt cheap. We got the humidifier for really cheap too. I don't know how he works his books, or if he gives us his costs, or whatever...I don't even want to my question is, am, I still able to write this off or should I just not even think about it? I wouldn't want our friend in any trouble or anything either.
TomCopeland 06:32 PM 03-30-2011
If you didn't spend any money on this, then don't deduct it unless you were bartering with him. If you did spend only a little on it you can deduct what you spent.
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