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Daycare and Taxes>Can I Count The Time Used To Gather & Chop Firewood?
sammie 04:30 PM 01-25-2013
Hi Tom -

During the winter we heat our house with wood. It significantly reduces our heating bill. In the Record Keeping Guide it lists the cost of firewood as a deductible household item. However, most of the time we are able to get the wood for free. My husband then spends quite a bit of time cutting the wood down to size so we are able to use it in the fireplace. Can I count some of this time in "other activities" since we also use it to heat the home during childcare hours?

Jessie 04:57 PM 01-26-2013
I'm curious about this as well!
TomCopeland 06:04 PM 01-27-2013
I wouldn't count any of the time chopping wood because you would be chopping wood even if you weren't in business.

I would not count hours unless you can say that you wouldn't be doing it if you weren't in business.

I know that you need to heat your home. I just think the IRS would not accept these hours.
jokalima 12:19 PM 01-29-2013
What about hours planning/ cleaning/ shopping/doing groceries for the DC?
TomCopeland 02:18 PM 01-29-2013
Yes, you can count the planning and cleaning for your business in your home. You can't count time shopping outside of your home, because you aren't using your home at that time. You can count time preparing menus and shopping lists and unloading groceries.
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