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Parents and Guardians Forum>Where Do Providers Get Medical Insurance?
MissLisa08 10:49 AM 10-16-2019
I'm going to be opening my daycare and want to know where other providers get medical insurance. I've always got it through work, but now I'll be self employed. Is there anything not over priced but able to enroll in to still take care if my family and make sure we have insurance
Cat Herder 11:08 AM 10-16-2019
Open enrollment on Healthcare.Gov is from Nov. 1st - Dec 15th.

Local insurance agencies (like State Farm) offer it, too.

I got dental and eye from my bank (USAA). Seems everyone sells it, now.
MissLisa08 02:48 PM 10-16-2019
Thank you, I'll look into it
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