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Talena 12:37 PM 06-20-2010
What do you have to have in, out or around your house before opening a inhome daycare?
Janet 11:10 AM 06-21-2010
That's a good question. I think it depends on the age ranges that you are taking. I would suggest the following things to start.

Pack-n-plays or cribs (if you plan to take infants)
Mats or cots
Blankets and pillows
Child safety things
Books to read
A few different types of toys (age appropriate)
A contract with your policies

I could go on and on. Where are you at in the process right now?
Golden Rule 11:14 AM 06-21-2010
Georgia publishes a guide that includes a detailed checklist.... Maybe your state does? I know it was very helpful....
Talena 01:39 PM 06-21-2010
you were very helpful. I have everything to start but my license and children other than my own. I have to go to a class July before I can get my license. Do you know anyone who needs childcare? I am taking ages newborn to 12 years. Very Affordable rates.
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