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Daycare and Taxes>EIN/SSN question
Oss_cc 09:09 AM 01-26-2015
Hi there. I have a random question that all of my searching online and on the IRS website won't seem to answer.
I only operated from the end of 2013 to mid 2014. Lat year, I only had one family and I personally knew them so I just used my SSN.
This year, I already gave statements with my SSN to two families that I provided care for (that I personally know/trust), but I was feeling nervous about giving out my SSN to the families I don't really know so I looked into it and discovered how easy obtaining an EIN is.
I went ahead and got my EIN today. My question is, can I give out my EIN to two families if the others are already using my SSN? Are they interchangeable enough to do that?
Thanks in advance!
Blackcat31 09:50 AM 01-26-2015
Yes, your SS# is tied to your EIN so either number is fine but I would from now on ONLY give out your EIN.

For the other two families that you already gave your SS# to, you can certainly let them know you have an EIN now and if they haven't yet filed, to use the EIN. If they already filed, no harm no foul.
Oss_cc 09:51 AM 01-26-2015
Definitely. I wish I had looked into this a week ago. (at myself)
Thank you!
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