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KDC 06:27 PM 04-22-2012
Thought I'd share a link I saw in the Sunday Chicago Tribune...,1379705.story

Just curious if other cities are facing the same issues?
AllDeezBabies 08:00 PM 04-22-2012
I'm in Chicago and I don't even have a licensing rep anymore. My aunt has a daycare and it was time for her to renew her license in December. She submitted her info in September and still hasn't received her new license. They told her that she is unable to run her daycare until it is received. When I passed my inspection in October and didn't receive my license until December.

They have a petition going around to allow the Illinois Department of Human Services to handle the daycare licensing department. I'll see if I can find it.
MyAngels 05:34 AM 04-23-2012
I don't think this is anything new. I've been licensed for coming up on 20 years and during the first 10 years I never had a visit - let alone an unannounced visit - between the 3 year licensing visits. Since then I've only had two unannounced visits between the normal 3 year renewal visits.
familyschoolcare 09:49 AM 04-23-2012
In california "they" changed the requirments so that only about "1%" (I think it is 1%) get randomly checked a month the locations are choosen at random resulting in some getting checked several times a year and other not for several years.
MizzCheryl 10:08 AM 04-23-2012
No problems like this in NC. We are checked annually and you can bank on it. I have never seen a year pass that my consultant hasn't shown up before the 12 months is up. I can call her anytime and she calls me back within the week if she doesn't answer the call.
Sorry to hear the problems you have.
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