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Curriculum>Community Helpers?
daycarediva 07:14 PM 11-05-2013
Doing a unit on community helpers as my guys are SUPER into jobs and going to work lately, lots of dramatic play involving this and pretending to work.

Any ideas, inspiration or crafts you have for me would be awesome!

I am doing firemen/women for a week. Field trip to fire station scheduled, bought fire hats for all. Doing a fire drill daily, fire safety games/topics like stop/drop/roll and get out, stay out. Found a memory game that I laminated, number matching, etc

Police week- waiting for the dept to call me back to schedule a time that they can visit (we can't visit the police station since it's too far away to walk and I don't transport). Having them decorate police hats (found real white hats similar to police cap style), making a list of laws/rules we should follow, what it means to be a good citizen, cops are friends, safety rules like stranger danger, etc.

Ambulance/EMT week-can visit station since it's close, maybe even see a mercy flight helicopter. No other ideas, though.

I stopped ordering the boxed curriculum, the kids just weren't into it.

Any other occupations or ideas?
snbauser 03:56 AM 11-06-2013
We are doing community helpers as well. Besides the ones you listed we are talking about teachers, veterinarians, mail carriers, and garbage men. I know there are more but I can't think of them off the top of my head before I finish my morning cup of tea LOL!
daycare 07:13 AM 11-06-2013
we did construction over the summer.

I got everyone a vest from $tree and a hat.

we put nails into 2x4 with real hammer and nails.

we painted just about every object with paint brushes and water in my backyard.

we then rolled dump trucks, diggers and etc in paint and rolled out the butcher paper. let the driving began

we had the city come out from sanitation with a HUGE (but stinky) truck. the kids were just jaw dropped.

we made 10 little dump truck felt board story

made dirt pudding snacks and drank milk from a cement

in the past we have played mailman, set up a post office, stamps, envelops, highlighters, cash register, etc.

the kids love when we do these. I am feeling like we need to do another soon.
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