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Angelwings36 09:21 AM 10-19-2011
Maybe this has just been a terrible month for me and I need to put a sticker on my calander for 30 days from today to see if things start to get better. But it seems no matter which way I turn families are either breaking my policies, challenging my policies, pissed at me or terminating services.

Here's a list:

1. I handed out updated contracts on the 1st of this month with a proposal for rate increases. Dcf quoted, "they do not like my terms and penalties". They do not like that I charge late fee on picking up late, dropping off early or paying late. They do not like that I have a strict illness policy. They do not like that I get paid holidays. They are terming period and refuse to follow my rules from here on out.

2. Dcf pays me bi-weekly. My bi-weekly payments are to be two equally half payments for the month paid at two separate times in the month. This specific family pays me on the 1st and 15th. Mom decides she only wants to pay me 1/4 on the 1st and 3/4 on the 15th. When I told her no she can't do that she challenges my policies.

3. Dcf is suppose to pay me on the 15th but doesn't bring payment until the 18th. As per my contract they owe me $10.00/day in late fees. Dcf challenges me on late fees as they have never been late paying before.

4. Dcf is a sub teacher. Last school year she brought the children on Tuesday and Fridays every week. This school year she asked me for 3 days per week, I was not aware though that these 3 days would not be the same every week. One week its Monday, Wednesday, Friday the next Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and yet the next Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. I inform dcm as of 2012 she has to pick 3 days each week that are the same. Dcm says no she can't do that because sometimes the school is closed on certain days so then she would need a different day that week. During the months that the school is closed for a week she will need to book those days on other days in the month. I tell mom no, mom challenges me further!!!


What do I do? I am so frustrated. Right now I am standing behind my policies but I'm just so sick of all this bs!!!
safechner 10:13 AM 10-19-2011
I am sorry all of those daycare parents are challenged on you and I would stick by your new policy no matter what.

1. If they don't like your new policy and it is too bad for them. It is time to find somebody else who needs a childcare to replacement their spots.

2. It sounds like it is pain in the b*** to pay you every 1st and 15th. I would make them to pay bi-weekly on time. If they don't like it, that is their problem, not yours.

3. Making a copy of your contract to proof him that he is responsibly to pay late fee that he signed. Tell him to make sure it won't happen again in the future if he paid on time. Also, tell him that if he is not paying on time to his credit card bill and he still will hit late fee.

4. Tell her you are sorry but that is how it works. If she don't like it and find else somewhere. It is not worth your time to argue with her if she don't like it. I would look someone else to replacement their spots. Unless you can ask her to get their schedule in advance to see if you are available.

I hope it helps...
Christian Mother 10:21 AM 10-19-2011
Did they sign your new phb? Also, is this all from the same family?

Write a Term. letter giving them a month to find a new day care. On the term. letter firmly state repercussion if you are not paid full daycare fees including late fees. This is of course if they did sign your new phb. If not, depending on your phb term. Whether, it is the 2 wks notice or full month. It's at your discretion. Start interviewing right away. This pattern will not change for the better. I personally would not let them back in care until all fees have been paid.They don't have to like your rules but they do need to follow them. If they don't like them they should find a new daycare.
wdmmom 12:43 PM 10-19-2011
Is this all the same family?!

#1. Tell DCF that your rules and regulation need to be adhered to regardless of them signing a new contract or not. Remind them of your cancellation policy and ask them for their resignation in writing. Either they'll give you their termination paper or they'll shut up.

#2. DCF pays on the 1st and 15th. They pay you what they are suppose to on these days or they pay late fees. Don't accept partial payments and if it's not given to you by the date, tack on your late fees. DCF doesn't like it, they'll pay on time or they can leave. (I find this one to be the most ridiculous! There's a late fee for paying anywhere! DUH!)

#3 Tell them to pick 3 days that will be permanent during the week and offer them to come any or both of the additional 2 days for (whatever fee). And be very specific that you don't allow parents to "trade" days. If they pay for Monday, Wednesday and Friday, they are paid for those days. If there isn't school on Monday but she now needs you Tuesday, AWESOME! That'll be an additional ($).
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