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Daycare and Taxes>What Else Do I Need To Provide The Parents With?
estrella 10:00 PM 01-18-2012
So... I provided all the parents of my daycare of the following information: How much they paid me for their child for the year, my physical address, my tax ID. I provided a copy of contract in the beginning that includes my full name and business name and business phone number. They also know my mailing address, too.

It's been 3 weeks since I provided all these, and one of them contacted me saying they received it and my amount stated is correct but asking if I will be doing worksheet for tax.

I asked my tax advisor and she tells me it's none of the parents' business to know what I'm doing with my taxes. I'm confused a bit, so I just want to make sure: Is there ANYTHING ELSE I HAVE TO GIVE to the parents by law (is it different from state to state?) regarding taxes?? I thought sending a statement of all the above information was sufficient enough.
TomCopeland 08:55 AM 01-19-2012
You've done everything you need to do.
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