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janderson 09:40 AM 06-24-2010
Hi I was given some advice to try to find jobs in my area... this sight seems pretty safe but they do ask for alot of this a valid and safe site? Is there a charge to use it, does anyone know? Usually you get all the way through it and they ask for a credit card #( and it even says it;s free) and I don't feel safe giving all this info out.... Please help
Daycare Mommy 09:55 AM 06-24-2010
I don't know about, but google daycare and your city/town name and the first few sites that pop are usually the best ones to advertise on since that's how many parents will do their search online too.
Greenshadow 10:08 AM 06-24-2010
I use Care.Com and have gotten clients through them. I love it. There is no fee unless you want to pay for the background check, etc to be on your file. I dont pay for that. I have that on file here for them to see. I recommend the site to everyone.
jenh171 02:40 PM 06-25-2010
I used and got three responses. Nothing panned out, but I think it seems like a pretty active/well-known site.
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