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tinytotzdaycare 04:31 PM 10-02-2009
Have any of you done fundraisers for your childcare center/program/play group that were or were not a good choice?

We work with MC Fundraisers and they are excellent however I was wondering if anyone had tried anyother ideas? I am looking for some info on the wristbands you can do for a fundraiser. If anyone has any info on that it would be greatly appreciated.

We have sold cookie dough and cheesecakes the past 2 years and will continue to do so....with our in-home program we have raised well over $1500 each year. I jsut thought the wristbands might be neat if I did them in our schools name or something.

Oh and the website for the cookie dough we use is
you dont have to pay anything up front or out of pocket.

If you have ideas on ANY fundraiser I would love to hear them!

Thanks and have a great weekend everyone!
Unregistered 11:58 AM 10-05-2009
has anyone else done any fundraisers? I would like to purchase new equipment for our backyard. A wooden playset would be great! Any feedback would be great, I did check out MC Fundraisers and I am waiting on a packet from them via mail. Just wanted to see if anyone else had ideas on this.
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