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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Venting Question?
momofboys 04:19 AM 08-30-2010
Did the sticky for venting get erased? Just wondering. . .
Lilbutterflie 05:58 AM 08-30-2010
You're right! It appears to be missing on my screen too.
TGT09 06:06 AM 08-30-2010
It's been missing all weekend!
Crystal 06:47 AM 08-30-2010
hmmmmm.......that's wierd.
AfterSchoolMom 07:00 AM 08-30-2010
That probably explains why about forty of my previous posts seem to be missing as well. Hmm, wonder why?
Michael 09:08 PM 08-30-2010
some strange stuff. It may be a new moderator is making some deleting mistakes. I will check it out. Hope we didn't lose it!
Michael 09:18 PM 08-30-2010
Ok, this one makes me sick. The Thread WAS deleted by mistake. I have backups to the forum but they are a week old and I am not going to lost the past week's content to restore it. I started a new Venting thread. ;<

Some of the last page's posts of the original thread can still be seen in Google cache:
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