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tenderhearts 01:38 PM 10-27-2010
I have a 4 1/2 year old dcg who has been with me since she was 7 mo old. Lately she's been so mean to the other kids. She's such a whiner too. She always wants everyone else to play with her when they are playing something but if she is playing with something and they ask to play she is so mean about it. Then if later someone who she didn't want to play with is playing with something and she asks to play and they say no she gets all pouty and whiny then calls them rude or mean . Is this normal for her age? I've had plenty of little girls in my care but most of them always played together well most of the time and were more the nurturing type. Her parents are both so nice and it's hard for me to see where she gets it from. She is the only child but this is driving me crazy. I put her in time out but it doesn't last long before she's being mean again.
Tags:mean child, whining
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