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momofboys 03:50 PM 12-02-2010
I'm getting many requests for this information so I thought I would put it all in one post. If you have any specific questions, please ask.

I'm copying & pasting an e-mail sent via FB:

********* September 20 at 3:01pm Report
Hi Jana,

I used to be an editor as well as a sales rep for the College Division at Pearson Education. In total, I had about 15 years with Pearson. I left a few years ago, but I was intrigued to read that you work seasonally, part-time for them. With two young children myself, I'm interested! May I ask what division you are in? Are you on the production side or the sales side? Thanks.......


September 20 at 9:37pm

I don't work in their offices per se. . . I work as a part of their Scoring Team or as a Seasonal at-home Scorer. It's called Flexible Scoring. Basically it is the grading/scoring of all the standardized exams that students take. I loved it & I will be doing a job for them this fall. Their busy time of year is in the spring & typically you can stay busy with them for 2-3 months during that time. Google Pearson Flexible Scoring & you can apply. As long as you have a 4 year degree in anything you will likely be selected. I have an English degree so I did/do a lot of scoring for Reading Comprehension & Writing exams. Initially they make all contact via e-mail & now I think you fill all paperwork out online but you will have to send a notarized copy of one form that verifies your identity (I-9 I think) . If you have any questions, I would be happy to answer. The pay usually falls in the $12-14/hr range which for being at home with my kids is decent.

Jana Bell

P.S. What state did you work for them in? I live near Columbus, OH & I would LOVE to get a job there when my youngest is a little older (he's 3 now). I have applied a few times but they never call me :-( Any advice?! Jana September 20 at 9:39pm

And when you sign up to do a project they generally run for 3-4 weeks & you can typically work 20-40 hrs/week at home within the timeframe of 7 am - 11 pm. It's great because it really is flexible! I work in the early morning, during naptime & when my husband gets home from work. Unfortunately I only have work from them for @ 3 months out of the year.
momofboys 03:56 PM 12-02-2010
Here's the link to apply:


Also keep in mind that since their scoring season is mostly in the spring they to some extent already have their scorers in place (to some degree) for the spring season. When I initially applied it took them many months to reply to me but they did. Watch your e-mail (junk e-mail). They are legit & it's a good opportunity.

There is also another company called ETS that does grading/scoring from home but in addition to having a degree in most cases you need a teaching certificate. They grade tests too in addition to ESL exams & other college-entrance, etc tests too. I believe they do some California only exams where you have to reside in California to grade them. Something to google if you live in California.
kidkair 04:26 PM 12-02-2010
Just a note to mac users: you need a PC. Here's what they say about Macs:
* ePEN is not compatible with Macs, Macs running Virtual/Bootcamp/or Parallel
Windows, or Linux operating systems
** ePEN is not compatible with Cellular/Radio Frequency Broadband modems, or
Dial-Up connection speeds slower than 56k; some projects may require a high-speed
*** ePEN is not compatible with other web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox
momofboys 09:33 PM 12-03-2010
Just bumping this since several people have asked me about it.
QualiTcare 10:22 PM 12-03-2010
thanks jana,

i applied so i'll post if i hear anything one way or another. it sounds cool - worth trying. the "application" wasn't like a normal, long one. it was really short/simple.
busymomof2 09:54 AM 12-04-2010
Thank you so much!
momofboys 02:44 PM 12-04-2010

I hope you hear from them too. A little background on my experience with them. . . .

I applied in February 2008 (I think) & did not hear anything from them until the fall of 2008. Their typical scoring season (or high scoring time) is in the spring so if you contact them now & don't hear from them for many months don't give up, they just may already have all their scorers set up for spring of 2011.

I'm guessing if you meet their qualifications you will eventually hear from them even if it is not until next year for scoring in 2012. Just keep checking your e-mail & junk e-mail. It really has been a good opportunity for me & one that I feel happy that I learned about because it has helped me supplement my income when I have not had many clients. Good luck!
momofboys 03:08 PM 05-05-2011
Bumping this since many people have e-mailed me. Unfortunately the link I sent some of you was an old one (the e-mail I sent people was something I had written last year so that link is apparently "broken"). The link in this post should get you where you need to be to apply.
momofboys 10:39 AM 05-06-2011
Lucy 12:14 PM 05-06-2011
I'm afraid their reply will bump to my spam, as I have the settings real tight. I am able to "whitelist" their email address. All I need is the part after @ Do you have that? Thanks!
momofboys 12:32 PM 05-06-2011
Originally Posted by Joyce:
I'm afraid their reply will bump to my spam, as I have the settings real tight. I am able to "whitelist" their email address. All I need is the part after @ Do you have that? Thanks!

My most recent e-mail from them is from

However, I also get generic e-mails from them labeled "Scoreessaysfromhome"
Lucy 02:19 PM 05-06-2011
Originally Posted by momofboys:
My most recent e-mail from them is from

However, I also get generic e-mails from them labeled "Scoreessaysfromhome"
Thank you very much. I did get an email just this minute, and it was from scoreessaysfromhome It just confirms that they got the online application, but are full for this year. Says they will get back to me, but it may be several months, so don't apply again, blah,blah,blah.

Thank you for your help!!
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