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ShopGirl2208 08:44 AM 09-16-2008
Hi all,

I lost my 9-5 job yesterday due to Wall St crisis and now more than ever determined to open up a big Day Care center in my Queens, NY community. I did some research last night including the responses from this forum - all terrific!

My question: I'd like to know how to get a day care center license that will allow me to look after 40-50 kids (different age) in one facility. I'm planning to rent a big house for the day care needs only. I understand that I will have to hire assistance and etc. The Group Day care license is not the right one in this case b/c it is only up to 12 kids.

Thank you so much in advance for all your valuable input.

Michael 02:12 AM 09-17-2008
Shopgirl, Here are a few links that should help you get started.
Unregistered 08:58 AM 02-14-2009
I am trying to open a child care program in my community , and i want to know how to get a building donated for such program. Can you help me with this
Unregistered 04:00 PM 02-14-2009
I don't know which community you live in, but I took a class in pre-school administration and one of the few things that I remember from it is the instructor telling us we were better off having a facility built instead of trying to convert another structure in order to bring it up to code. I guess, and I'm pulling this from the recesses of my brain, between sprinkler systems, distances between exits, kitchen health issues, and a myriad of other safety modifications it ends us costing more to do the conversions than just building like you (and DCFS) want it. I took this class in Illinois, and I'm sure there are different standards for each state, but just food for thought.
Courtney 08:31 PM 02-14-2009
Wow, I just realized that I am qualified to open a child care CENTER here! No plans to do so, but I could if I wanted. hmmm...
anita77 08:15 AM 03-17-2009
Can anyone give me any info on insurance requirements for opening up a daycare. I am planning to rent a residence that will be used for the daycare only (instead of going the commercial route). Any info on what I should expect regarding insurance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Unregistered 02:06 PM 09-17-2009
Check out and view the childcare training courses offered by this company. Early Foundations Consulting has childcare experts who offer an array of classes in helping your get started, or maintain your licensing as a childcare provider. They offer a particular class in HOW TO OPEN A CHILDCARE/DAYCARE PROGRAM.

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Unregistered 01:02 PM 10-22-2009
To the original poster (shopgirl):
You want to open a "Group Child Care Facility", which is for 12 or more children in an institutional setting (i.e. a building or part of a building specifically for the daycare, as opposed to a business operated in someone's home). This type of daycare is regulated by the NYC DOH and specifically by Article 47 of the New York City Health Code. The names of the different types of child care facilities are really similar so it's easy to get them confused. There's a good summary of the different daycare types and the licensure process at:
If you contact the DOH they will set you up with a consultant to help you through the process. Some of the licensure requirements will require the services of a registered architect or engineer.
Good luck!
Unregistered 10:10 PM 01-24-2010
I have heard that after you open up a daycare DOH pays for the equipment that was brought in the classrooms. Is that true?
Unregistered 08:36 PM 02-16-2011
Greetings! I have opened several childcare programs in the NYC area and can offer assistance if you are interested in speaking with me about how my Company can help. I can be reached at or (800) 974-4982. I have been in the field of Early Childhood Education for over 21 years in many capacities ranging from teacher to director and trainer, regional manager and developer. I'd love to chat. I look forward to hearing from you if you are interested. Cindy
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