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New Members - Welcome to the Forum!>Hello from 05:40 PM 10-30-2013
Hello everyone. I'm new to this forum and actually registered before the Early Learning Leaders Convention in Nashville, earlier this year. I had a booth at the convention, and enjoyed meeting some of you.

I haven't posted anything recently (been chained to the sewing machine) but I surely do enjoy reading your posts, especially the newest one regarding what the children are dressed in for daycare. Some of your comments are hilarious and I couldn't help but laugh and secretly wish I knew their mothers so I could sell them my nap mats.

At any rate, just wanted to say hello and I appreciate you all. I admire you and anyone who takes on the tasks of caring for children as a chosen profession. All 3 of my kids were in daycare at one time or another...I don't know how you do it .

I'm married (31years) , have three kids, 2 in college and a 12 year old, and 2 employees, so I feel like I'm dealing with 2 year olds most of the time. Ha!

Keep up the good work and interesting dialogue.

Warmest Regards,
Michael 09:19 PM 10-30-2013
Hello and welcome to the forum. I have cousin, Joanne Bergstrom, that lives in Atlanta. I moved your thread to the New Members forum.
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