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vpierce2 12:28 PM 03-15-2008
Hi, I am a new director ( I just came out of a classroom) and I am looking for fundraising ideas. We want to put a new computer in every classroom.(3 and up) I think it is a very good idea but we do not have the funds to do it. We usually do a fundraiser program 2 times a year selling candles, pizza..whatever. I am looking for ideas to raise money where the parents wont have to sell stuff for the kids.

One of my ideas is having all the classrooms have a penny (money) jar and parents donate their change and see how much we collect during the summer.

Anyone have any other good ideas?

Thanks in Advance!

Unregistered 09:10 AM 03-31-2008
Most local restaurants are willing to host a "Facility Name" night with 10% of the proceeds going back to the school. We do this with several local restaurants, we arrange for a flat rate buffet for the kids (mac & cheese, Chick fingers etc) $7.50 per child and the parents order from the menu. Whats in it for each establishment? The restaurant gets new customers and the school gets 10% back for a night out. Good Luck!
MissPrecious 10:22 AM 10-19-2008
I know this is an older post but I'll answer in case someone else needs ideas. My school had a weekly fundraiser for about 6 wks. We charged a minimal fee of $2 and did cupcake decorating, ice cream sundae making, and a craft day. The children were able to do an activity while raising money for the school.
Unregistered 08:58 PM 10-26-2008
Financing a business is sometimes the barrier but no withstanding i don't have much to say but to refer you to the step two of this site that based on financial planning.
Unregistered 07:14 PM 12-06-2008
We have been successful using Kidstuff book, You make $12.50 per book sold and they usually go like hotcakes, We have done home interior candles, Joe Corbi's pizza, We also let the parents sell avon products for us and deduct a percentage from their day care bill.
tinytotzdaycare 10:01 AM 09-27-2009
I am the owner of TinyTotzDaycare, I am new to this site and I already love it! I am excited to share my knowledge with all of you as well of gain some new ideas for my kiddos!

Anyway, we recently chose MC Fundraisers for our latest fundraiser. After 10 years of providing quality childcare services it was time to upgrade some of our equipment and materials. We sold cookie dough and cheesecakes in July this past summer and we made a profit of $1355.00!!! We have 10 children enrolled and this was our first fundraiser EVER!! I know that MC Fundraisers works with groups as small as 4 and also large groups as well.
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