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New Members - Welcome to the Forum!>Anyone Looking To Rent Out Space In Arlington, VA Area That I Can Use For Daycare
momoftwins 01:39 PM 11-14-2014
Hello, Everyone!

I am so happy to find this place and hope that you will share your insight with me - a new daycare business owner.
In short, I am looking for a daycare facility (min. 2,500 sq.ft.) that I can rent out in the wonderful area of Arlington, VA. This has become a real challenge due to the playground space requirement as well as other state requirements like parking, restrooms, etc... That's one of the reasons why I am looking specifically for space that has already been used as a daycare or some type of school. A church facility with a playground might also work if the space can be transformed into classrooms. I am planning to have 4 classes and need four separate rooms (with bathroom and sink in each room), a small office space, and an additional room for a small indoor gym (a total of 7 separate rooms). I am willing to renovate/modify the space accordingly if that would be o.k. with the lessor so an office building could also work as long as it's on the first floor and close to an open area which I can turn into a playground.
Please feel free to contact me directly with any ideas or suggestions. I would really appreciate your time and your help!

Thank you!

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