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Unregistered 08:05 AM 08-10-2017
How do you all nap your 15 month olds? I have one who is a terrible napper. She is babied at home still getting formula bottles. She was born premature. Her parents say she sleeps 12 hours at night. They put her to bed at 7 which to me seems kind of early!?? I cut out morning naps because she wouldn't nap in the afternoon hardly at all. Now that am nap is out I am lucky to get her to nap 45 mins in the afternoon.

How should I nap this child? Bring am nap back for 30 mins? She falls apart around 9:30 10:00

Anything I can do here at daycare so she isn't ready for bed at 7pm??
Cat Herder 08:29 AM 08-10-2017
Do you serve morning snack at 10am?
Unregistered 08:31 AM 08-10-2017
No I cut out am snack.
Cat Herder 08:45 AM 08-10-2017
It may be worth revisiting.
kendallina 09:46 AM 08-10-2017
My 16 month old is ready for bed by 630 at night and typically sleeps through until 6am. He's done with two naps but prefers to fall asleep around 11am and isn't ready to stretch it until12 or 1. Whenever we put him down later he's over tired, cries before falling asleep and doesn't sleep his usual two hours.

That's our experience, not sure if it helps..
mommyneedsadayoff 10:34 AM 08-10-2017
What time does she arrive to your house? If it is really early, maybe put her right to bed at arrival. I know the parents say she sleeps 12 hrs, but if she is as spoiled as you say, there could be missing info there, like she sleeps 12 hrs, but wakes up a few times at night for food, ect. I am not saying they are lying. It just always brings out the sceptic in me when parents say she is a perfect sleeper at home, yet is a nightmare for you. Ime, they sleep like angels here, and give the parents a hard time at home, so again, not saying they are fibbing, but I take what parents say with a grain of salt
I would do as Cat suggested and look into am snack for her so maybe it can help tide her through, and then put her down by 11 or so. Push that time back by 15 min as she adjusts until she is on your normal schedule. As far as waking 45 min into it...nap is not over till XX time, so she can cry, sing, do yoga in her PNP or whatever, but she wouldnt be getting up till it was time.
Ariana 11:20 AM 08-10-2017
Definitely try a morning snack. What time does she get to your house? That is a long time to go without food. Kids here arrive at 7:30 and 8. Morning snack is 9:30am and lunch is at noon.

I let the 15 month olds sleep for 40 minutes and if they haven't fallen asleep within an hour they get up to play. They go for afternoon nap same as everyone else and nap time is not over until the clock says 3pm. No amount of crying gets them out of their beds. Most kids will fall back to sleep and once they learn that crying doesn't get them up they stay asleep.
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